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The Blakes at Humboldt Brews, March 13!!!

Thanks for the heads up, Monica!

Refresher #1:

Blakes brothers Snow and Garrett

Blakes brothers Snow and Garrett

Refresher #2: The Blakes – \”Don\’t Bother Me\”

Needless to say, we’re very, very excited!


Josh Duke on KSLG’s birthday bash

KSLG 94.1 FM turned seven, and to celebrate such an occasion, they threw a party at Hum Brews. After being warned by at least one DJ that I shouldn’t say anything mean about The Monster Women, Dynamite Sweater or any of the festivities occurring that night, I decided to pay some respect to the station that I should probably be thanking for having this job and thought about it for about five minutes before deciding to do it anyway, and go for broke.

More here.

Fresh popped Scene Content

For your visual pleasure on B1:

Arts!Arcata, of course.

The magic of Thursday night karaoke in the Blue Lake Casino’s WAVE with Terrence’s commentary inside.

Plus, Humboldt Brews reopens: Read Josh Duke‘s Bonus Tracks‘ review, below.
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Humboldt Brews reopens Thursday

The long-awaited renovation of Humboldt Brews has been completed, and the near-Plaza pub begins the next chapter
in its history this Thursday, Dec. 6. The Eye’s favorite jam band, Moo-Got-2 will take the relocated stage in the newly expanded room – and no columns blocking the view!

Music continues Friday and Saturday with JGB featuring Melvin Seals and David Kemper both nights.

Coming up: Compost Mountain Boys, Womama, Blue Turtle Seduction, Wolf Navarro Band, Triple Junction and a New Year’s Celebration with Ishi Dube and Massagana.