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Look at all the pretty colors!


Josh Duke on KSLG’s birthday bash

KSLG 94.1 FM turned seven, and to celebrate such an occasion, they threw a party at Hum Brews. After being warned by at least one DJ that I shouldn’t say anything mean about The Monster Women, Dynamite Sweater or any of the festivities occurring that night, I decided to pay some respect to the station that I should probably be thanking for having this job and thought about it for about five minutes before deciding to do it anyway, and go for broke.

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Alibi, internationally immortalized

Remember when Hope is Noise (swoon) played the Alibi last year. The Irish lads recently posted a video for their anthem “Two Gods Short of My Trinity” featuring clips from their U.S. tour – many scenes from their great set at the ‘bi included! Check it out. (Some viewers may also recognize a certain Humboldt’s New Rock studio as well.)


My (Jen Savage’s) noonlighting* gig at KSLG results in an occasional playlist.

*It’s like moonlighting, but during the day