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Strix Vega: Western U.S. Tour 2009

March 11th – Eugene, OR We start our tour off in good spirits coming off of our CD release show at The Alibi. Seeing so many friends and fans who have been supporting us over the years come out and celebrate another milestone in our tenure as a band makes us feel ready to bring our music to many cities we’ve never been before. We begin our travels listening to Lila Nelson’s latest CD. Read the rest of this entry »


Josh Duke: Bonus Tracks – Dec. 30, 2009

Y’ou know, when we’ve hit an era of war, high gas prices, scarce commodities, and a global economic meltdown that scares the bejeezus out of over the most stalwart of the white-haired, money-grubbing elite, you would think pop music would be better by now. Until now, history has shown us such; 12 years of conservative administrations and paltry, for-nothing military exercises in a myriad of third-world nations thankfully had the added side effect of giving us a reason to like Nirvana and Sonic Youth. The converse also seemed true, as eight years of Slick Willie gave rise to a new crop of boy bands, teen pop stars and soaring subscriptions to Tiger Beat. If I thought it would have helped to avoid all that, I would have told my parents to vote for Bob Dole. Read the rest of this entry »

Look at all the pretty colors!

Josh Duke: Bonus Tracks – May 20, 2008

The joys of graduation are many a splendorous thing. You wear a funny hat, you walk down an aisle with other people in funny hats and then some other guy in an even funnier hat hands you an empty folder before booting you into the real world, kicking and screaming. Read the rest of this entry »