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Teaser: Daniel Lewis at the Vista

It was a monumental evening last Saturday at The Vista. A testament of resilience and a wondrous show of dedication from people working within our community to provide not only great entertainment but as well support a craft that is historically dependent upon such support.

Regardless of what you may think of the genre of music that normally circuits through The Vista I don’t believe that anyone can deny it as a useful mode of expression. I also believe that this music should be expressed and shared with as many individuals as possible, which leads me to the real point of this story.

You’ll have to buy the paper to read the rest!


First sentences from the forthcoming Jan. 15 issue:

Leave the glow sticks and fire sticks at home – the real spin action in Arcata persists in the form of contra dances.

Forget about those washboard abs you resolved to work toward for the new year.


EDITED: Well, somehow the remaining sentences disappeared when I hit “Publish.” Consider my mellow harshed.

Anyway, it’s a cool issue. Check it out Tuesday.