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From 3 Food Café

Not too long ago, 3 Foods Café of Arcata California began a campaign titled: If we are in a recession, we may as well enjoy it. The intention of this campaign was to try to make the best of a seemingly overwhelming economic crisis.

Fast forward six months later and café proprietor, Naomi Beck, realizes that the state of affairs is not getting any better. “It has come to my attention that this economic pinch is real, and has the potential of dampening the morale of all those affected. Over the course of my existence, I have found that when the burden of reality seems to reach the threshold of unbearable, it is of utmost importance to remember the beauty and magic of life”

This has prompted the beginning of a new campaign… …titled: REMEMBER THE MAGIC (recession enjoyment part 2) The campaign will launch on April 1st, 2009 when every customer of 3 Foods Café will be given a free entrée. This will continue every Wednesday for the entire month of April. To add more sparkle to the daily grind, between April 1st and April 10th, golden tickets will be hidden throughout the town of Arcata, all of which are redeemable at the café for a myriad of gifts, prizes and hugs.

Finally, for those who do not find the hidden golden tickets, 1,000 prize winning golden wrapped chocolates, ala Willie Wonka, will be passed out at the first Farmers’ Market of the year, April 11th.

When asked to comment on this seemingly ridiculous game plan, general manager and all around sweetheart, Jessica Lovelady sighed, “Well, if we are going to do something this ridiculous, it only makes sense to begin on April Fools Day.” She sighed again.

“In my last proclamation, I vowed to keep my prices affordable until the economy got better, or I completely went out of business. But the economy is not getting any better, and if it does force me out of business, I am not going out without a bang.” Beck asserted. “It seems that when life gets tough we can be made to feel isolated and scared. I strive to think that there is a more harmonious way to live. And to me, that way is through real love. So please, come by, relax, and remember the magic. ”


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