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On Tour – Feb. 11 through Feb. 17

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They come from somewhere else

You like bluegrass? Punk? How about the rock? Or something pretty on a Monday night? With video. Read the rest of this entry »

Too cool for Maximum Rock’n’Roll

Here’s what they said, “wasn’t punk enough.” What do you think, dear readers?

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Kate Mann tonight

Maybe you heard her on Lila’s show today.
Teensy listen here or check out

She’s at Mosgo’s tonight, 8 p.m.

Jennifer Savage: Show recommendations – Rev. Peyton, Hillstomp

Forget about those washboard abs you resolved to work toward for the new year. The only washboard on your mind ought to be the one Breezy’s wearing Wednesday night. Yes, last seen at Muddy’s with Jason Webley, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band lands in Humboldt Brewery this Wednesday. Yes, Josh Peyton is a reverend. Yes, they are big. And yes, you will be damn sorry if you miss this chance to stomp, hoot and holler along to some down-home original Delta-blues style roots music.

So then you’ll find yourself Thursday all hopped up on the blues and anxious for the Friday night fix to be provided by Hillstomp at Jambalaya. They’ve been through here enough times that you probably know they play raucous trance blues that’ll sear through your body. You cannot sit down at a Hillstomp show – I do believe if you tried, you’d find yourself levitating. Yep, they’re that transcendent.

We are rocking to Van Halen on deadline

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I mean, they are so damn hot


Which wouldn’t matter if the music didn’t kick ass as well – but it does. From the raw rock of “Two Times” to the throbbing “Pistol Grip,” The Blakes embody all that is sexy cool about rock’n’roll.

Don’t miss them.

Can I get an “Amen!”?

~JS/Eye Scene Ed. 

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