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Josh Duke gets into the swing of things

Just like the last time I got a drink thrown in my face, Saturday night had a sense of refreshing vigor that raised me from my doldrums and left me standing and asking myself the question, “What did I do to deserve this?” Donna Landry and her band gave us a swing and R&B set at the Jambalaya that got a modest crowd dancing to a docket full of old standards. Read the rest of this entry »


From the Redwood Jazz Alliance

The Redwood Jazz Alliance and Jambalaya are proud to present Wayne Horvitz and Sweeter Than The Day at Jambalaya on Sunday, March 2. The music starts at 8 p.m. and admission is $10.

Although Horvitz has been based in Seattle for some time, he’s a legend of the New York musical scene. He recently performed in New York with Sweeter Than The Day (Horvitz on keyboards; Timothy Young, guitars; Keith Lowe, bass; and Andy Roth, drums) and Ben Ratliff of the New York Times raved:

“He booked acts at the original Knitting Factory on Houston Street in the late 1980s, performing there often himself, and his aesthetic and his music encoded the notion of “downtown jazz.” Much about the club and the city around it have become almost unrecognizable since then, but Mr. Horvitz still sounds familiar. For this group he writes strong mixtures of jazz and pop that sound like film music with strong, sturdy harmonies, equal parts Thelonious Monk and John Williams and the Band, with the guitarist Tim Young soloing through it. It’s beautiful, but never naïvely so; the pastoral moments were offset by barrelhouse intrusions.”

No Leap Day with The Blakes

Sadly, The Blakes are off to London at the end of February and had to cancel their Jambalaya gig.

But, in consolation, drummer Bob Husak promises, “We’re going to reschedule Arcata though, so don’t worry.”

We are rocking to Van Halen on deadline

Jambalaya listings, unedited and courtesy Clay: Read the rest of this entry »

I mean, they are so damn hot


Which wouldn’t matter if the music didn’t kick ass as well – but it does. From the raw rock of “Two Times” to the throbbing “Pistol Grip,” The Blakes embody all that is sexy cool about rock’n’roll.

Don’t miss them.

Can I get an “Amen!”?

~JS/Eye Scene Ed. 

Photo by TMc | Eye


The Blakes are coming back. February 29. Don’t miss. A certain singer-songwriter and her husband made out during The Blakes’ last show. This is your chance to get lucky, too. Yum. 

If ever a reason to drink whiskey…