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Daniel Lewis on The Shankers and Mosquito Bandito

Peanut butter and jelly are two completely different things that when put together are not only delicious but absolutely harmonious. Their complimenting flavors are so renown that you can actually buy them both together in the same jar. Who really has the time these days to open two different jars anyways?

Sometimes you need two different things to really pull the flavor from an experience. Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Root beer and ice cream. Mmmm….yummy. You wouldn’t ever have the inclination to make a peanut butter and peanut butter sandwich would you? A bit of crunchy and a tad of creamy?  That doesn’t make sense does it? No, that’s just silly. And yet, sometimes two of the same things go great together, as in the case of Mosquito Bandito and The Shankers who played last Saturday at the Alibi. Read the rest of this entry »


Two views on The Braille Tapes

From Daniel LewisRock and a Hard Place:

“The music really wasn’t my speed. It was very organized and arranged well. It was definitely a pleasure to see and hear the double percussion. The Braille Tapes have done a lot of practicing. Again, it was very organized and arranged well. I must admit also, that even though it wasn’t my preferred genre, it is always a pleasure seeing people doing what they love. There wasn’t a very large crowd there but the people who were there seemed to be enjoying it and the band was obviously enjoying themselves, so how can that be anything but a good time?”

From Josh Duke’s Bonus Tracks:

“Armed with two guitarists, a drummer and another guy that can’t decide if he’s a drummer or another guitarist, The Braille Tapes have shown us all that all you need to be “progressive” is to play at an ungodly volume and keep a non-traditional arrangement of instruments that somehow doesn’t really sound all that different from somebody using the usual guitar/bass/drums format. Perhaps one day they’ll learn that less is more and leave that extra drum kit (and maybe the extra member) at home.”

Daniel Lewis: Rock and a Hard Place – April 22, 2008

I realized that I was in trouble when after a long exaggerated rant about the elitist piety of MRR and their rejection of my Eureka/Arcata scene report, I was asked, “Well, what is the “SCENE”?” At that very instant I gasped! Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Lewis’ local music survey

Please respond in the comments. Thank you.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Sex:
4. How long have you been in the area?
5. What brought you here?
6. Where are you from originally?
7. What is your favorite genre of music?
8. What are you most listening to now?
9. Have you ever made a mixed tape?.
10. How often do you frequent out?
11. Where do you spend the most time when you go out?
12. What is your favorite venue? If they differ, why?
13. List 3 to 5 of your favorite local bands.
14. What is your favorite local album?
15. What’s the best local band name?
16. What’s the worst local band name?
17. Who’s the best punk band?
18. Metal?
19. Rock?
20. Hip-Hop?
21. Reggae?
22. Other?
23. What’s the best venue?
24. What’s the worst venue?
25. If you could change one thing about the local scene, what would it be?
26. If you could give the middle finger to any local act, genre, or personality, who or what would it be?

Daniel Lewis: Rock and a Hard Place – March 4, 2008

Dearest Reader,

I know that it has been a week since we last spoke. I apologize, but it was the last week in February, and I was frightened. I hope you’re doing all right. If you ever wanted to go out and just talk about stuff, that’d be cool. Maybe we could catch a show at the Alibi. I was there last Saturday, and I think you would have really enjoyed it.

The original bill was the BarFeeders and the Baby Arms, but the BarFeeders cancelled so instead we got to see a new local band called Tyler Flame and the Ellipsis. I really like hearing new music, and I also like fire, so it was very exciting for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Lewis: Rock and a Hard Place

Apologies to Daniel for not getting this in the hard copy of the Eye this week. It’s good. ~ JS/Eye Scene Ed. 

I’m not a journalist and I’m not a musician. I’m just a fan of local music. Usually, I’d announce this fandom, by seeing a show and reporting back to you the highlights and my thoughts concerning the music and affair that surrounds it, but this week I’ve been graciously allowed to report on something a little different. The Placebo. Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Lewis: Rock and a Hard Place – Feb. 5, 2008

It seems like the more I go out the harder it gets to decide what I want to see. I’m a fan of a lot of bands around here and not only that, but feel rather responsible these days to put my two cents into this column and make some what of an impression on the reader to go see these bands and support the local scene. (I appreciate both of you readers, by the way.) More here.