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Daniel Lewis: Rock and a Hard Place

I ran into an old friend on Sunday. He smelled like oysters and Hallmark Father’s Day cards. Read the rest of this entry »


Daniel Lewis: Rock and a Hard Place – March 4, 2008

Dearest Reader,

I know that it has been a week since we last spoke. I apologize, but it was the last week in February, and I was frightened. I hope you’re doing all right. If you ever wanted to go out and just talk about stuff, that’d be cool. Maybe we could catch a show at the Alibi. I was there last Saturday, and I think you would have really enjoyed it.

The original bill was the BarFeeders and the Baby Arms, but the BarFeeders cancelled so instead we got to see a new local band called Tyler Flame and the Ellipsis. I really like hearing new music, and I also like fire, so it was very exciting for me. Read the rest of this entry »

The battle of Middian

upsidedowncross presents

33 1/3
(local instru/metal)
The Fire Demons
(local stoner metal duo)

@The Alibi
Saturday, February 2
a benefit for the Middian legal defense fund
21+ / 10:30pm doors / 11:15pm music / $4 cover

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Josh Duke on Dagger of the Mind – Jan. 22, 2008

Sometimes I wonder if my editor tries to set me up, just baiting me with bands that sound too ridiculous to be true (Nope. – JS/Scene Ed.). And I thought Saturday would be one such instance, were it not for that Dagger of the Mind from Portland managed to somehow entertain a crowd of semi-inebriated Arcatans that weren’t drunk enough to not care. Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Lewis on Dagger of the Mind

Twas a tale of the most noble of rockingness at the tavern of Ye Olde Alibi last Saturday whence came from yonder land of Portland a quartet of merry fellows who did bringeth the rock.
Dagger of the Mind! Yea, I doth saith Dagger of the Mind! A rose by any other name could not smell as sweet. Oh, how doth I love them. Let me count the ways. Read the rest of this entry »