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Speaking of hot live photos

We thoroughly enjoyed this post from Seattle’s Three Imaginary Girls:

Kyle Johnson’s Top Ten Local Live Music Photos of 07

They’re awesome photos, for sure. But we think TMc | Eye holds his own. Have you clicked on his Flickr site yet? (A little to the right, more… more… ah, that’s it.)


I mean, they are so damn hot


Which wouldn’t matter if the music didn’t kick ass as well – but it does. From the raw rock of “Two Times” to the throbbing “Pistol Grip,” The Blakes embody all that is sexy cool about rock’n’roll.

Don’t miss them.

Can I get an “Amen!”?

~JS/Eye Scene Ed. 

Photo by TMc | Eye


The Blakes are coming back. February 29. Don’t miss. A certain singer-songwriter and her husband made out during The Blakes’ last show. This is your chance to get lucky, too. Yum.