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* News releases:
* Letters to the Editor, opinion:
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* Newsroom: (707) 826-7000
* Advertising: (707) 826-7535


* Kevin L. Hoover, Editor & Publisher,,
* Terrence McNally, Advertising Manager,
* Jennifer Savage, Scene Editor,
* Joanne Francis, Bookkeeper,
* Karrie Lee Wallace, Distribution Manager,

About The Arcata Eye (& how to subscribe!)

The Arcata Eye is a weekly newspaper serving Arcata and Blue Lake, located in Humboldt County on California’s Redwood Coast. The Eye is published every Tuesday in print. The Eye’s website is updated Wednesdays with select stories and photos from the print edition.

The full print edition is packed with scintillating news stories, photos, scene happenings, letters, columns and opinion pieces, police logs and so much more. Plus you get the tactile pleasure of big, crinkly pages and real newsprint on your hands.

The whole experience is priced to please at a mere $35 for a year for Humboldt County residents, $37 for elsewhere in California and $40 for everywhere else in the U.S. We’ll deliver it right to your doorstep every week for a year – that’s 52 whole issues!

See the bottom of the page for a tempting menu of sign-up options. We’ll get you started on the very next Tuesday.

The Arcata Eye, ISSN No. 1091-1510, is published weekly (Tuesdays) by Kevin L. Hoover, 791 Eighth Street (Jacoby’s Storehouse), Suite 5, Arcata, CA 95521. The Arcata Eye is a member of the Mad River Newspaper Guild.

Rate Card

The Eye hits the stands and homes of readers in Arcata, Blue Lake, Humboldt State, Bayside, Eureka, Manila and McKinleyville, California every Tuesday. For advertising rates and information, email or call (707) 826-7535.

Letters to the Editor

Opinions expressed in columns, cartoons and Letters to the Editor do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of the Arcata Eye. Submissions are welcome, may be reluctantly edited for length, or, if extraordinarily long, boring, incoherent or editing-intensive, tossed. Letters will be printed on a space-available basis and must be signed with a real name and include a phone number. We don’t publish anonymous or “name withheld” letters because it keeps the crap level down when people have to take responsibility for their expression. If you wish to communicate privately and don’t want your letter published, be sure and say “Not for publication” or something like that, or just don’t include a phone number. Letters on local topics always have priority.

E-mail does not have to be re-typeset, and reduces delays and typograhpical errors, and cuts way back on paper use, too.

Mildly Objectionable Deadlines

* Letters to the editor & opinion columns: Noon Thursday
* News releases: 10 a.m. Friday
* Advertisements: 5 p.m. Friday


* In Humboldt County, California: $35/year
* Elsewhere in California: $37/year
* Elsewhere in the United States: $40/year

Mail orders to:
The Arcata Eye
P.O. Box 451
Arcata, CA USA 95518

Call us at (707) 826-7000.

Or visit us on the Plaza level of Jacoby’s Storehouse, all the way in the back (above Washington Mutual bank).



  Donna Daley wrote @

My name is Donna Daley. My brother was
Bert Tolley. I was told there was a article written in your paper after his passing. I live in New Jersey. Would it be possible to email it to me? or post it one your website? I searched and he did not come up.

Thank You
Donna Tolley Daley

  Donna Daley wrote @

Thank you to Ross Rowley for writing and acknowledging my brother. My father played music around the house. He played the guitar and fiddle. My brother came from those roots.
I just listen to a tape he made for me back in 1981, the year after our mother passed. Its all accustic. I hope we can put a CD together at some point.

  lana manzanita wrote @

Dear Mr. Hoover,
I live in Blue Lake. Would you like an article about SCOP or Neighborhood Watch? Both are active in Blue Lake. I am involved in both.
Thanks, Lana Manzanita

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