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Josh Duke: Bonus Tracks – Dec. 30, 2009

Y’ou know, when we’ve hit an era of war, high gas prices, scarce commodities, and a global economic meltdown that scares the bejeezus out of over the most stalwart of the white-haired, money-grubbing elite, you would think pop music would be better by now. Until now, history has shown us such; 12 years of conservative administrations and paltry, for-nothing military exercises in a myriad of third-world nations thankfully had the added side effect of giving us a reason to like Nirvana and Sonic Youth. The converse also seemed true, as eight years of Slick Willie gave rise to a new crop of boy bands, teen pop stars and soaring subscriptions to Tiger Beat. If I thought it would have helped to avoid all that, I would have told my parents to vote for Bob Dole. Read the rest of this entry »


This week in Scene – April 15, 2008

Ross Rowley takes on the 12 notes:

There are 12 notes in the chromatic scale: A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#.
How can 12 notes cause so much discord and dissonance between people? It’s just a matter of how you arrange these notes, adding rhythm, tempo and dynamics that dictates styles of music and more importantly, styles of people.
“I hate country music.”
“Well, I hate punk.”
“There ain’t nothing worse than reggae.”
“God, I can’t stand Dixieland.”

Josh Duke loves ladies who love Led Zeppelin:

While I would like to spend my time ranting and raving about how awesome Power of County was on Saturday night, this review really has nothing to do with them…. Instead I focus upon a band that has learned to capitalize on both the nostalgic parts of our minds as well as the libidos of every man in the room all in one bundled fireball of a package:  Zepperella, an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute outfit from San Francisco compelled me to trade $10 for an opportunity to have my eardrums thankfully blown out by a quartet of beautiful sirens.

Shay’s Rebellion reviews Josh’s review of Shay’s Rebellion:

Concerning last week’s article on Shays’ Rebellion and The Hard Ride: I’m sorry that Josh Duke didn’t like the show. I didn’t realize that our music could be so offensive to some people. But then again, I sometimes forget that there is a fairly large contingent of self-satisfied hipsters out there with radically different tastes than I.

Once again, Terrence McNally believes you should attend a Trigger Renegade show:

As Arcata cannabis celebrants are settling in for the night this Sunday, 4/20, feeling the gravitational pull of second-hand overstuffed couches and Ben and Jerry’s pints, conversing with tribe members that, “Dude – my fellow patchwork-clothed compatriot! We totally inhaled marijuana smoke and felt its effects in a large municipal park today!” the better action awaits at the Alibi. At home, among the tapestries and shag carpeting, the fuzzy dreadheads will be, nodding off to a canned bootleg of Garcia noodling incessantly at ‘Warfield ‘79.” Across town, the Viking war party will have landed, tearing open sonic walls and further loosening the nails and screws of an embattled, listing tavern. Trigger Renegade will play. And this will be good. Slough Feg will play. This, too, will be good.

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Josh Duke on Trigger Renegade, the Zygoats

In my life I try to surround myself with those that I think will not only create a positive atmosphere, but also inject wisdom in my life for me to live by. I spent many an hour deciding whether I should attend to see Trigger Renegade and the Zygoats Friday evening.

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Rock op #1 (NWOBHM?)

upsidedowncross presents

The Zygoats
(Arcata heavy rock)
Trigger Renegade
(NWOBHM-inspired rock)

@The Alibi
Friday, January 25

21+ / 10:30pm doors / 11:15pm music / $4 cover