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Please help Ken with Commotion

This probably seems a bit strange of me to ask but, do you know of the band Commotion (rock, female lead singer)?  When I attended HSU back in the mid-to-late ’80s, Commotion played at various events in the area (like Lumberjack Days).  I always assumed they were local but, come to think of it, maybe they were just touring when I saw them.

At any rate, I really liked them, thought they were good, and would love to find some of their music.  I’ve tried to search the internet for information about Commotion but so far haven’t had any luck.  That’s why I’m writing to you.  I figure if your beat is Arts and Entertainment in Arcata you must have some pretty specialized knowledge and know of, you know, people with connections (radio types, club owners, event promoters, etc.) who just may have memories that go back that far and who could possibly help me out with my quest.  Any clues you or anyone in the area might be able to send my way would be genuinely appreciated.

Ken Roberts



  John Webb wrote @

Let me know if you find anything. I believe they were a local band. I think the lead singer’s name was Patti something. They were the best band in the area at that time, by far. I always thought that they would make it big. I left Arcata in 1988, after graduating from HSU, but was thinking about that band, too.

  Commotion Groupie wrote @

Not only were they a local band they were the best local band EVER.
P.S. Lead singer’s name was not patti… was Patricia

  Ken Roberts wrote @

Hi Commotion Groupie, may I join the club? I just can’t forget Patricia (and the kick-ass Commotion backing her up) as she belted out “My Baby”. I really need to hear that song again. Does anyone know if they ever recorded an album? Because I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Keeping the quest alive,

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