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Daniel Lewis: Rock and a Hard Place – April 22, 2008

I realized that I was in trouble when after a long exaggerated rant about the elitist piety of MRR and their rejection of my Eureka/Arcata scene report, I was asked, “Well, what is the “SCENE”?” At that very instant I gasped! Read the rest of this entry »


Space, the final frontier

Filling the Scene pages each week is like moving into a new apartment. At first, the space stretches out, seemingly plentiful. Items are brought in, dragged from one side to the other, looked at a number of ways until finally the “right” spot is found. But the more pieces added, the less room to play and adjust. The once airy abode begins to feel cramped. Do I really need all these houseplants?, one might ask. Do we really need to run six photos of hot chicks* rocking out? Read the rest of this entry »

2007 remembered

Heads up – we remines… remenes… reminesque… um… LOOK BACK over last year’s Scene highlights. Good times. You’ll want to laminate/frame the Jan. 1 issue.

Introducing the Eye’s new Scene columnist, Daniel Lewis

“I was in a South Georgia prison and awaiting my parole summary when my girlfriend Rachel sent me my first Dragged by Horses CD. I can’t describe how excited I was, thinking that if it’s even half as good as The Hitch I’d probably die of extreme rock exposure and they’d have to bury me with my hand giving metal horns at full attention.”

Pick up the paper for the rest. Available today.

Daniel Lewis
Mug shot by TMc|Eye