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Josh Duke: Keeping the rock’n’roll flame alight

Who will save Rock’n’Roll? No really though, who’s gonna do it? Since Kurt Cobain made his grand exit we’ve been set adrift as no king (or queen) takes up the rock crown while MTV forgot somewhere during the last 10 years that they’re supposed to play music videos. Every couple of years critics will come along and try to say that such-and-such band is the next rock god that will bring the music industry out of its slump and convince us all that there’s something that’s more worthwhile to listen to than whatever phase of rock happens to be in revival this week. Read the rest of this entry »


I mean, they are so damn hot


Which wouldn’t matter if the music didn’t kick ass as well – but it does. From the raw rock of “Two Times” to the throbbing “Pistol Grip,” The Blakes embody all that is sexy cool about rock’n’roll.

Don’t miss them.

Can I get an “Amen!”?

~JS/Eye Scene Ed. 

Photo by TMc | Eye