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Jennifer’s top 11 of 2008

With my Christmas in San Francisco already slipping away as if I’d just awoken from a dream, how am I expected to recall all the way back to January, 2008? March? June? Even November feels a little fuzzy. But now that Josh Duke (see column, right) has thrown down the gauntlet, let me plunder my memory in hopes of rekindling your own fond live music experiences of 2008.
Unlike Josh, I tend to have fun naturally when out, so I don’t have a “Worst of 2008” list – neither can I choose a clear victor in the “Best of” category (I love you all equally, dear bands).

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‘Music’ – Eye recommend

• Friday, October 24

Good Company, Celtic, 7:30 p.m., Café Mokka. You can ‘t go wrong with Good Company. They capture everything beautiful about Celtic music and serve it up to you in a fine presentation of Irish reels and ballads. Don’t be surprised if you later find yourself dreaming of selkies. – JS/Eye Scene Ed.
Teton Songwriters: Jessica Kilroy, Michael Batdorf, 8 p.m., Mosgo’s.

• Saturday, October 25

Joanne Rand, 8 p.m., Mosgo’s. Joanne Rand is an icon – here’s a chance to take the kids and immerse them in the wholesomeness of Mosgo’s and the pure-hearted passion of Rand’s performance. – JS

Hillstomp, Sacramento, 10 p.m., Jambalaya. Back in January, I wrote, “They’ve been through here enough times that you probably know they play raucous trance blues that’ll sear through your body. You cannot sit down at a Hillstomp show – I do believe if you tried, you’d find yourself levitating. Yep, they’re that transcendent.” Still holds true. – JS

Dragged By Horses, local heavy rock, Floating Goat, SF stoner metal, 10:30 p.m., Alibi, $5. Catharsis. Pure rock catharsis. I can’t wait to plant myself in front of Floating Goat and let those heavy, heavy riffs burn away all the pain until nothing remains but pure, throbbing essence of self. Or something like that. THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING. DbH is about the only band who can keep up – be prepared for sudden stops and watch for falling rock! – JS.

This week in ‘On Tour’

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