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Josh Duke talks to Rob Crow – Feb. 5, 2008

Pinback plays in the Kate Buchanan Room, Monday, Feb. 11. Info here.This week afforded me a rare opportunity to chat with Pinback’s Rob Crow. My first-ever interview required some steadying of hands as I nervously dialed his telephone number and had a nice, prescribed, 15-minute chat with him through the comfort of his very own cell phone. I thought long and hard as to what questions I would ask him. And while I tried to think of the most natural and easy conversation I could have with him, it still turned into this vending machine-style interview where I asked questions, and he popped out answers. I wonder if I’m cut out for this kind of gig; prying to glean bibs of pop culture phenomena. Well, here’s pretty much what happened: Read the rest of this entry »


Feb. 5 print issue preview

I tried this before, to no avail. Here’s hoping it works this time.

First sentences of stories in the upcoming issue of the Arcata Eye, Scene section: Read the rest of this entry »