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On Tour – Feb. 11 through Feb. 17

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Courtesy Martin Swett, Arcata Photo Studios

Live in the KHUM studio: Flatiron String Band

Colin Vance has the Flatiron String band live on KHUM’s Chicken Scratch at 8:30 p.m. this Monday. Tune into 104.3 FM to hear! The band plays at Muddy’s on Tuesday, Jan. 20, along with The Striped Pig String Band.

Jennifer’s top 11 of 2008

With my Christmas in San Francisco already slipping away as if I’d just awoken from a dream, how am I expected to recall all the way back to January, 2008? March? June? Even November feels a little fuzzy. But now that Josh Duke (see column, right) has thrown down the gauntlet, let me plunder my memory in hopes of rekindling your own fond live music experiences of 2008.
Unlike Josh, I tend to have fun naturally when out, so I don’t have a “Worst of 2008” list – neither can I choose a clear victor in the “Best of” category (I love you all equally, dear bands).

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They come from somewhere else

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Teaser: Josh Duke on Eustace

I know, more than most, of the void left behind in the post-Creed era. The painful and bereft feelings caused by the ouster of Scott Stapp dealt a blow to music to which we still feel the effects of, not unlike the passing of Kurt Cobain.

We all had our unique ways of dealing with this tragedy: some of us wrote letters begging them to get back together, others flooded their local radio stations with requests to hear “With Arms Wide Open” played repeatedly for hours, and others still formed bands like Eustace

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Teaser: Daniel Lewis at the Vista

It was a monumental evening last Saturday at The Vista. A testament of resilience and a wondrous show of dedication from people working within our community to provide not only great entertainment but as well support a craft that is historically dependent upon such support.

Regardless of what you may think of the genre of music that normally circuits through The Vista I don’t believe that anyone can deny it as a useful mode of expression. I also believe that this music should be expressed and shared with as many individuals as possible, which leads me to the real point of this story.

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