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Dell’Arte‘s solution to the troubled economy

Direct from D’A:

Pay What You Can (PWYC) now through end of May!

Has the recession put you in a depression? Well move out of the gray, and into the blue: sunny Blue Lake that is. Dell’Arte realizes everyone is feeling the pinch of the economy. Taxes have been filed, and now we are all waiting on the economy to recover. So, while you’re waiting, why not come out to Blue Lake and experience the thrill of live theatre?

We are so confident that you will have a glorious time that we have stopped setting an admission price. That’s right, you tell us what it’s worth to you to have world-class theatre being created in your Humboldt backyard! If you want in on the good times just go to and select the performance you want on our website. Better yet, just drop Miss Dharla an email at with your details (name and phone number, the name and date of the performance and the number of tickets you would like, but only four tickets can be reserved per transaction) and she’ll hold your tickets at the box office. When you arrive, just pay what it’s worth to you.

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early, or your tickets may be given away to another lucky soul. Act fast; tickets are sure to go quickly! Pay What You Can (PWYC) for the next five weeks at Please join the students of Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre for Tragedy, Clown, Thesis Festival and The Finals. To reserve tickets visit our website or call 668-5663 ext. 5.


Tragedy Thur -Sun, April 23 -26 8:00 PM (Two unique works presented by our 2nd year students)

Clown Thur -Sat, April 30 – May 2 8:00 PM (A Dell’Arte classic and consistent sell out, presented by our first year students )

Thesis Festival Thur -Sun, May 14-17 8:00 PM

Thesis Festival Thur -Sun, May 21 -24 8:00 PM (Nine unique works, their thesis projects, over two weekends from the zany students who brought you Glasnost )

The Finals Thurs – Sat, May 28 -30 8:00 PM (Just that, our students take their final test of 2009)


From 3 Food Café

Not too long ago, 3 Foods Café of Arcata California began a campaign titled: If we are in a recession, we may as well enjoy it. The intention of this campaign was to try to make the best of a seemingly overwhelming economic crisis.

Fast forward six months later and café proprietor, Naomi Beck, realizes that the state of affairs is not getting any better. “It has come to my attention that this economic pinch is real, and has the potential of dampening the morale of all those affected. Over the course of my existence, I have found that when the burden of reality seems to reach the threshold of unbearable, it is of utmost importance to remember the beauty and magic of life”

This has prompted the beginning of a new campaign… Read the rest of this entry »