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An email so hot it burnt my inbox: Scott H. Biram in A-town June 3!

Scott H. Biram is playing Arcata: Wednesday, June 3 at Humboldt Brews

His new record, “Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever” is due out May 19, 2009.

Most one-man bands are one-trick ponies. One riff, one sound, one gimmick, one bucket, whatever. Not Scott H. Biram. The man can and will throw down some feral, amped-up Delta blues just as easily as a stone cold country weeper that’ll get the girls all dewy-eyed with faith and desire, or even a heavy metal field holler—with the emphasis on holler. He can and will hold an audience rapt when he sings from the bottom of his boots about what it takes to get saved and how he’ll end up blowing the deal. Read the rest of this entry »