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Bad Lilas take over Jam Thursday night

Although Humboldt County has lost Lila Nelson to bigger cities and brighter lights, a few brave men have taken up the mantle of her memory, specifically, her “Bad Lila” radio personality, formerly of KHUM 104.3 FM’s Sunday afternoons. (“Good Lila” began the day with an all-acoustic show.) How does she feel about The Bad Lilas?

Lila says, “The dichotomous good/bad Lila persona rift was years in the making, a comment on the ever present virgin/whore double bind experienced by women all over the world. I just hope these ‘Bad Lilas’ don’t cheapen it with mudflap girl images. Ha. Those are good guys though, and great musicians.

The Bad Lilas

The Bad Lilas

On Thursday, MARCH 12, The Bad Lilas are playing at The Jambalaya with Rooster McClintock at 9 p.m., Cover is $5; show is 21 and over. The Bad Lilas are made up of former members of The Rubberneckers B.T. Hollister and Greg Lojko, Colin Vance of The Striped Band, James Westfall and W. Scott Coulter. The Bad Lilas play a blend of folk, bluegrass, old time and rock n’ roll in an acoustic setting. The Bad Lilas… “Not Just Another Boy Band.”


Jennifer Savage – A great Pants party

Small town living offers many benefits: close-knit community, proximity to the folks who run the City government, easy access to media, a certain sweetness to annual festivals – and the convenience of venues located in such close quarters that when multiple bands for whom you have a fondness happen to all be playing on the same night, traveling back and forth (in this case from the Jambalaya to the Alibi) is not only possible, but provides a true sense of accomplishment by the end of the night.

So it was last Saturday when Seattle’s Speaker Speaker played with Weezer-tribute band Wepeel at the Alibi, while SF’s Pants Pants Pants graced the Jambalaya along with Universalia Jane and The Rubberneckers. Read the rest of this entry »

From the Redwood Jazz Alliance

The Redwood Jazz Alliance and Jambalaya are proud to present Wayne Horvitz and Sweeter Than The Day at Jambalaya on Sunday, March 2. The music starts at 8 p.m. and admission is $10.

Although Horvitz has been based in Seattle for some time, he’s a legend of the New York musical scene. He recently performed in New York with Sweeter Than The Day (Horvitz on keyboards; Timothy Young, guitars; Keith Lowe, bass; and Andy Roth, drums) and Ben Ratliff of the New York Times raved:

“He booked acts at the original Knitting Factory on Houston Street in the late 1980s, performing there often himself, and his aesthetic and his music encoded the notion of “downtown jazz.” Much about the club and the city around it have become almost unrecognizable since then, but Mr. Horvitz still sounds familiar. For this group he writes strong mixtures of jazz and pop that sound like film music with strong, sturdy harmonies, equal parts Thelonious Monk and John Williams and the Band, with the guitarist Tim Young soloing through it. It’s beautiful, but never naïvely so; the pastoral moments were offset by barrelhouse intrusions.”

No Leap Day with The Blakes

Sadly, The Blakes are off to London at the end of February and had to cancel their Jambalaya gig.

But, in consolation, drummer Bob Husak promises, “We’re going to reschedule Arcata though, so don’t worry.”

Jennifer Savage: Show recommendations – Rev. Peyton, Hillstomp

Forget about those washboard abs you resolved to work toward for the new year. The only washboard on your mind ought to be the one Breezy’s wearing Wednesday night. Yes, last seen at Muddy’s with Jason Webley, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band lands in Humboldt Brewery this Wednesday. Yes, Josh Peyton is a reverend. Yes, they are big. And yes, you will be damn sorry if you miss this chance to stomp, hoot and holler along to some down-home original Delta-blues style roots music.

So then you’ll find yourself Thursday all hopped up on the blues and anxious for the Friday night fix to be provided by Hillstomp at Jambalaya. They’ve been through here enough times that you probably know they play raucous trance blues that’ll sear through your body. You cannot sit down at a Hillstomp show – I do believe if you tried, you’d find yourself levitating. Yep, they’re that transcendent.

The glory daze of The Rubberneckers


Josh Duke remembers The Rubberneckers’ final gig.

Terrence McNally: Starving Weirdos

Good luck categorizing them. Better just to witness them yourself and make up your own mind. Arcata’s Starving Weirdos doesn’t just describe one-third of the town’s population, it’s the name of the band generally sequestered to house party performances and impromptu, super double-secret shows. Read the rest of this entry »