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A-town scene, 2008

• January 8 Rubberneckers played their last show at the Jambalaya. Eye columnist Josh Duke quipped, “I spent the night singing away for the last time on the triumphs of whiskey and Blue Lake.” A contra dance was planned.

• January 15 The contra dance went well. Daniel Lewis declared The Baby Arms “a great big revitalizing gulp of noxious air that makes me that much more anxious to see them again and again as many times as I can.” The Baby Arms soon disbanded. Josh Duke offered a kidney should Scott Stapp never “step near a microphone again” after a Mosgo’s show.

• January 22 Humboldt Free Radio Alliance announced a transmission hiatus following a Dec. 16 FCC visit to its secret location.

• January 29 Delta Nationals announced the CD release of All Over the Map together with swing dance teacher Bruce Hart’s ninth 50th birthday party, Saturday, Feb. 2 at the Community Center.

• February 5 Bruce Hart’s ninth 50th birthday party and the Delta Nationals’ CD release party was a big success. Daniel Lewis implored readers to “kiss the metal who is your master and be grateful that this holistic heart beats so strongly in our community.” Lewis added, “This is WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT.”

• February 12 Josh Duke alienated both local feminist punk band Kill the Switch and local homo rock outfit Sick Bitch. A reggae show was scheduled for Hum Brews.

• February 19 Kinetic Queens oil wrestled at Arcata Playhouse as a fundraiser for Kinetic Universe, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Canadian old time band Ain’t Dead Yet spent an afternoon busking on the Plaza.

• February 26 Famed 1980s hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa manipulated the proverbial turntables at Mazzotti’s. The Baby Divers put A-town on notice that they would be bringing “Arcata to their proverbial knees in ecstatic convulsions of pure rock n’ roll eargasm” at noon on the HSU Quad, a regular eargasm location.

• March 4 Michael “Tech” Williams of Do Som Bout It served up a White Party aimed at the 30-and-up crowd at Mazzotti’s. Josh Duke dissected both the lyrics and singing of Tanuki’s Deric Mendes, saying, “Deric can sing in such a high octave that most of what he is saying is beyond the range of human hearing.”

• March 11 In a shocking turn, several Arcata residents traveled all the way to Old Town Eureka lured by Mike Donohoe-endorsed Bartender’s Bible at the Pearl Lounge. Arts!Arcata featured John Hardin playing an electric didgeridu at Moonrise Herbs.

• March 18 Inferknow’s Green Day 2008 brought together Irish, Portuguese and African tradition under one room at the Portuguese Hall. People did not wear much clothing. Kinetic Queens continued their dominion and fundraising prowess with their first-ever St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl.

• March 25 Nipplepotamus defied categories. Nonethless, their “neo-retro-psychedelic-grunge stylings” remained easy on the eyes. Strix Vegan Andy Powell dished the SXSW dirt, saying of the band’s experiences: “Things went well.” Nuff said.

• April 1 City hatred of dancing and fun was confirmed, while international speed demons Slayer planned a Muddy’s Hot Cup sonic blowout. Tanuki brought sexy back. Placebo was welcomed with open arms back to Arcata. Machete bassist Roshawn Beere reported that he “just wanted to be held.” Lila Nelson endorsed John McCain. Dragged By Horses bassist Jody Goldman executed a random rock pose. “I was simply feeling the music,” he said. Twelve were injured in a Delta Nationals’ mosh pit.

• April 8 Joyce Jonté nudes were featured at the Arcata Artisan Cooperative during Arts!Arcata. Ross Rowley reminisced about the old days, saying “a great many of the bands playing currently tend to steer toward playing all originals… and there’s nothing wrong with that.” Daniel Lewis held a fundraiser for his zine The Plague.

• April 15 Victor Temple continued pursuing his dream of building a world-class ballet and dance community in little ol’Arcata. Shay’s Rebellion wrote to Josh Duke saying “it is only fair that we get the chance to criticize his bloated prose” and calling his sentences “verbose and tortured.”

• April 22 The Rubberneckers played a reunion show at the Jambalaya. The Bayside Grange Talent Show featured unstoppable dance sensation Keaton Sullivan. The 11th biannual Arcata Folk Dance Festival brought musicians and dancers from across the country into that very same Grange.

• April 29 Placebo posted its fourth annual Punk Prom… where? At the Bayside Grange. Theme: Attack of the Prom Bots. Fifteen-year-old Joey described the scene as “Just fun. It’s badass and just fun to do. In one word: it’s just fun.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. visited Humboldt Baykeeper members prior to speaking at HSU’s Van Duzer. A jam band was scheduled to play at Hum Brews.

• May 6 Bayside Grange provided the arena for Humboldt Rocker Rex’s “Battletime Number 2” breakdance competition. Spinning legs and fat beats, yo. Josh Duke did not enjoy The Delinquent Order from Olympia during an Alibi performance. Daniel Lewis, however, dug Brother Mitya and The Beat Nun.

• May 13 Dynamite Sweater rocked KSLG 94.1 FM’s birthday bash at Hum Brews while New World Ballet’s Carnaval Arcata 2008 attracted visiting SambaDa and Ile Aiye. Ross Rowley mused on Sour Cream and the power of rock guitar gods.

• May 20 Katie Texas aka “Lotta Paintbuckets” charged to the top during an intense Rutabaga Queen competition at the Bayside Grange. Humboldt State University sculptors toured the public through new downtown Arcata art installations.

• May 27 High school friends of Sazi Bhakti organized a Bayside Grange power-packed musical fundraiser for her overseas schooling. Humboldt Light Opera Company celebrated its 35th anniversary at HSU’s Van Duzer Theatre.

• June 3 Universalia Jane blew minds at the Jambalaya while the Humboldt Folklife Society geared up for a master fiddler workshop. Meanwhile, Dell’Arte prepared for the internationally influenced Between Two Winters.

• June 10 Ross Rowley mused on local celebrities including professional baseball player Dane Iorg, professional golfer Chris Johnson and professional Faith-No-More-er Mike Patton. The Devil Makes Three arrived for a Thursday night Jambalaya show.

• June 17 Joyce Plath returned, then wrote about her artistic influences teaching in Rajastan, India. The Pandraggers Car Club bucked gas prices and Arcata trends by celebrating the muscle car. Josh Duke believed Strix Vega takes too long to set up.

• June 24 International movie star Tim Robbins traveled to Blue Lake to accept the international Prize of Hope from prior winners Dell’Arte – and partied at the Logger Bar. Josh Duke questioned prog rock’s social relevance.

• July 1 Jennifer Savage advised locals to catch Dell’Arte’s Korbel production. Eye columnist Ross Rowley still missed The Red Pepper disco.

• July 8 Arcata’s Fourth of July festival stages offered reggae, samba, The Nucleus and YaHabibe. Josh Duke really enjoyed Brown Bird and Annie Palmer at Mosgo’s.

• July 15 Blue Lake’s Bands Out Back brought The Brendas, The Kiwis and The Forgotten King to Perigot Park. Ross Rowley quoted Arcata guitar institution Fred Neighbor regarding music.

• July 22 Bellingham’s The Dts and Arcata’s The Ravens ripped up the Alibi with hard-driving female vocals. Ross Rowley missed pedal steel guitars.

• July 29 The 30th annual Humboldt Folklife Festival culminated in Blue Lake under blue skies and the rhythms of Huckleberry Flint and The Compost Mountain Boys.

• August 5 Blue Lake Casino’s Wave Lounge called on KSLG’s Monica Topping, Eye Scene Editor Jennifer Savage and Delta Nationalist Ross Rowley to deliver karaoke judgment. The Buffalo Killers satisfied musical appetites at Big Pete’s.

• August 12 Humboldt Light Opera’s The Wizard of Oz got off the ground at the Van Duzer. Josh Duke questioned Hey Eleanor, Oh Foot and Double Threat following a Jambalaya awkward cuddling.

• August 19 August promised visits by The Let Go, !!!, The Waifs, Forget-Me-Nots, Ozomatli, Black Eyes and Neckties and La Fin du Monde. Ross Rowley enjoyed musical diversity behind The Redwood Curtain.

• August 26 Mos Generator, The Fire Demons and Machete lit up Humboldt Brews. Lila Nelson’s Letter Home nourished hungry souls.

• September 2 Josh Duke interviewed close, personal friend Strix Vega’s Andy Powell, elicting a barrage of sarcastic exchanges. Powell warned of retribution from Forcefed Trauma for previous columnar slights.

• September 9 The Arcata Eye’s special issue on A-town’s sesquicentennial celebration scrunched entertainment documentation to a single, sad page. However, readers were informed of open mic night at Mosgo’s.

• September 16 Who knew haute couture would come to Far North Climbing Gym? It did, during catwalk strollings of local fashionista-created designs.

• September 23 Eye Editor Kevin L. Hoover reflected on Frank Zappa’s influence through new releases by Bryan Beller and Russ Stedman.

• September 30 Humboldt Baykeeper’s annual bash erupted in dancing when West African Highlight Band drummed in. Jennifer Savage recommended Ill Bill at Mazzotti’s.

• October 7 Ian Hiler’s multi-band parking lot rock show at Big Pete’s warmed an otherwise rainy Saturday while WoMama debuted its long-awaited CD Foté Faré.

• October 14 Coastal Grove Charter School got medieval on Arcata during its Festival of Courage, featuring feats of knighthood and celebration.

• October 21 Ross Rowley relived his punk days. For real. Josh Duke experienced his Irish punk days through Flogging Molly’s Community Center show.

• October 28 Jennifer Savage enjoyed talking to director Tyler Olsen about his Horror Experiment show, despite her aversion to fright and gore. Josh Duke found A Farewell Device’s new CD, The P-Town Chronicles, a displeasure to listen to.

November 4 Martin Short and Old Crow Medicine Show visited the Van Duzer in separate shows. Ross Rowley missed Foghat’s “Slow Ride.” Josh Duke does not like Tainted Zucchini, figuratively or literally.

• November 11 Arts!Arcata served up Ken Jarvela at Umpqua Bank and Anthony Machado at Meridian Fine Arts. Ross Rowley and Brooks Otis discussed the documentation of Humboldt musical history.

• November 18 Side Iron and Portland’s Pure Country Gold hammered Big Pete’s with music of the rock sort as Jeff DeMark prepared a partnership with Streamguys and Ukesperience. Sara Long sent a press release.

• November 25 Jennifer Savage enjoyed the white tights of Lord Simms during The Metal Shakespeare Company’s show at the Alibi.

• Dec. 2 Redwood Jazz Alliance landed rising star clarinetist Anat Cohen for KBR performance. Ross Rowley wants to know, where have all the band nerds gone?

• Dec. 9 The Glasnost Family oompa loompa’d their way into hearts during a county-wide musical odyssey. Inferknow announced the seeking of permits to legitimize its fire-art-dance multimedia parties.

• Dec. 16 Josh Duke ended his 2008 on a happy note, having been wooed by The Absynth Quintet’s gypsy jazz rhythms. He may have even tapped a toe.

• Dec. 23 Hey, that was just last week!

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