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Jennifer Savage: It’s not a true celebration without ‘The Glasnost Family’

They’re in your neighborhood, these wacky Glasnost musicians. They’ve absquatulated from numerous countries already and now they need a place to call home.

To that end, the ensemble – all vaguely related to each other – is determined to win your approval. This may seem suspicious at first, but if the Glasnosts’ efforts to entertain you and bring you into their holiday cheer doesn’t win you over, your heart must have solidified into ice a long time ago.

For, you see, the Glasnosts offer up the very best of the holiday spirit: music laughter, tradition and family. Like any good guests, they’ve made an attempt to prepare for their host culture – in this case by watching a lot of vintage American television. This translates into a rather stunning array of fashion through the decades, as well as some interesting twists on Christmas carol classics. But no matter – the sincerity with which they present their music and stories brings such joy not only would you gladly invite them to your home, but you hope they might invite you into theirs – and for an hour or so, courtesy of Dell’Arte’s holiday show, they do.

More details on ‘The Glasnost Family Holidays’ at and

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