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Ross Rowley, take two… from the Dec. 2, 2009 print edition

(Not sure why the prior attempt glitched. This seems to work. – JS/Eye Scene Ed.)

Why don’t band and orchestra students continue playing their instruments after high school or college?

Recently, I found out a great number of my peers, or people I have come to admire, played a musical instrument throughout school. Like me, a few chose to play the baritone horn which; a.) guarantees an elevated nerd status and b.) places you in that mystery social class within the band. You’re not cool enough to be with the Ray-Ban wearing hipsters who commandeer the trumpet section, too cool to sit with the geeky 4.0 GPA bookworm girls in the woodwind section and not hip enough to socially compete with the budding Charlie Parkers in the saxophone section. Not to mention your lack of Buddy Rich-like swagger displayed among the drummers in the band. Female baritone horn players, on the other hand, possessed more cool than the entire lot. Why is that?

Read the rest here.


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