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This week in ‘On Tour’

‘On Tour’ is the Eye’s section for – get this – info about touring bands. Descriptions come from talent bookers, managers, promotion companies and, occasionally, the bands themselves. For Eye staff recommendations, see ‘Music.’ – JS/Eye Scene Ed.
Dave Brogan Band
Hum Brews

Dave Brogan Band plays Humboldt Brews on Thursday, Oct 23. Andy at Humboldt Brews says, “Brogan of ALO specializes in variety, eclecticism and groove. The music he creates encompasses everything from poppy jam-rock, straight ahead funk to synth drone ensembles.

“Brogan started learning both piano and percussion at the age of seven. His piano studies took him in the direction of music theory, songwriting and composition, and drum studies at UCSB, where he hooked up with the West Coast jam outfit ALO, pulling triple duty as drummer, songwriter and occasional lead singer. He has recorded two albums with the band, Fly Between Falls, and Roses and Clover, both for Brushfire Records/Universal.

In January of 2008 Brogan headed into the studio to record material he’d been developing over the last few years. Tim Bluhm, lead singer and guitarist of California cult band The Mother Hips, produced and appeared on the record.

“Ranging from atmospheric acoustic folk to pseudo arena-rock anthems, the songs on the album reflect Brogan’s continued dedication to the eclectic. He also plays most of the instruments on the album, which features guest artists Jackie Greene, Paul Hoaglin, Tim Young, bandmate Dan Lebowitz and others. The album, Thunderbird / Sun Transformation, is slated for release in mid-October of 2008.”

Hum Brews

After a “hugely successful summer” touring the western U.S. festival circuit, Flowmotion makes their first stop Humboldt County  stop in several years at Humboldt Brews on Saturday, Oct. 25.

“A Flowmotion show is a swooping ride through the fingers of rock fueled solely on the expert musicianship of its five parts, producing a sound that’s unmistakably huge.”

Floating Goat

Upsidedowncross presents revered San Francisco heavy rockers Floating Goat at the Alibi, Saturday, Oct. 25.

Athens Boys Choir
Aunty Mo’s

“… So the name Athens Boys Choir can be a bit deceiving but you can’t blame Harvey Katz, a Jewish Transsexual man living in the Deep South, for having a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. This choir is a one-man lyrical machine gun with spitfire unapologetic spoken word and hip hop that transforms even the most skeptical into spoken-word loving, transsexual embracing, Athens Boys Choir fans…” Katz’s in Eureka, Sunday, Oct. 26 at Aunty Mo’s

Looking ahead
Toubab Krewe

Toubab Krewe returns to Humboldt Brews, Tuesday, Oct. 28. Check them out at


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