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Ross, Josh and Jennifer

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Ross Rowley: “Bil Coleman, Brett Schuler, Peggy Martinez, Mike Briggs, Brian Ladd and Julie Frith, Michael from Schlafengarten, Stevo Vidnovic, and other members of the various bands they belonged to, stuck to their guns of playing underground music. Music considered “too icky” for most. If you remember Agent 86, The Psyclones, Mister Science, The Geeks, R4 or The Rage, then you were probably there. Not all of these new bands were punk rockers, but collectively, they definitely did not represent the status quo of the Humboldt music scene at the time.”

Josh Duke: “Then there was Flogging Molly. Well-oiled, well-practiced and well-played is what they were. Never skipping a beat, interacting with the crowd, and putting up with a crowd of people that wished they could be Irish for the night made for a good show that hopefully didn’t leave too many people with black eyes or bruised ribs.”

Jennifer Savage: “Getting laid is not guaranteed. Being respected for your sexual proclivities – as long as they involve consenting adults – is.”

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