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Arcata’s compassionate food spots noted on PETA

From Arcata Eye subscriber Laura Frisk: “I write a blog for PETA Prime, a new PETA Website.  My husband and I have been vacationing in Arcata for about 15 years (I live in Encinitas, CA). I featured Arcata in my blog this week, the vegetarian sushi truck called agogo and the Jitterbean coffeehouse.  In case you are interested to let your readers know that Arcata is featured, here is a link to the site… I plan to feature Arcata again in my blog, it’s a very veg-friendly city, and that’s what we love about it!”

That’s what we love about it, too, Laura! Well, that among many things – thanks for the note and the noticing.

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  Karen wrote @

We LOVE Laura over at! She’s one of our favorite bloggers and has a lot of great ideas about food, shopping, travel and just being an all around good person. So glad to see you featured her comments here. I can’t wait to visit Arcata myself.

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