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band names

They have a practice space.

They have the chops.

But they don’t have a name.

Frankly, it’s getting has gotten a bit ridiculous.

Look at the list below. What do you think?







High Maintenance




Girth (already taken by an actual great Seattle metal band)


  tiffanywphoto wrote @

I vote Albatross.

  Jack Durham wrote @

The name Tantalus would look nice in a gothic font on a black T-shirt.

  Mike wrote @

Are they a ska band? Scofflaw would work.
Boss and Magnum are just bad. 80s bad. I think the lines above the list are the best.

They Have a Practice Space
They Have No Name
They Have Chops (my vote)
They Have

  Bob wrote @

Magnum should be excluded – we already have a band in town whose name references Zoolander (Can you name it?)

Th last post suggests new posibilities, but I’d say reduce it further to just plain They

  Jennifer Savage wrote @

Blue Steel?
Center for Kids Who Don’t Read Good?


Zoolander is one of my all-time. Which is why I know the answer to your question, Bob.

  Jennifer Savage wrote @

And, Jack, I agree completely! I even quick-designed a shirt just to show them. But, nooooooooooo.

Now my favorite is High Maintenance.

  Jack Durham wrote @

Sasquatch Confidential

  Terrence McNally wrote @

How about you all should shut up and go back to writing your blogs in your underwear while Magnum destroys this town through massive lickage?

How about that?

  Mike wrote @

If you check the link above, you’ll see why no band should ever be called magnum.

BTW. Why would I wear underwear while blogging?

  laprez wrote @


I can’t believe nobody’s using it. None of the bands I’m ever in ever want to use it.

Take it. It’s a freebie on me.

  Terrence McNally wrote @

Yeah, Tesla’s already using it.

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