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Oh, yeah, baby! JJ Grey & MOFRO

That’s right! Following a Grant’s Pass cancellation, Arcata’s Passion Presents scored a JJ Grey & Mofro gig. Happening at Humboldt Brews, Thursday, Sept. 18.

It’s been far too long. From the Aug. 22, 2006 issue of the Eye, (previewing a show that ended up cancelled!):

“The last time Mofro played in Arcata was at Mazzotti’s – three years after their initial Humboldt County appearance – and the dance floor was dominated by Fieldbrook housewives flapping their aprons and gyrating so wildly that frontman J.J. Grey just about blushed. ‘Damn,’ he said. ‘Damn. We shouldn’t have stayed away so long.’ Just to prove he knows how strong the Mofro lovin’ is in these parts…”

Yeah. Get your tickets well in advance for this one.


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  Clay wrote @

Yeah now, ya’ll get out and hear some swamp funk boogie. You’ll get to hear songs from their new album “Orange Blossoms” and some jams that’ll keep you shaking yo’ ass for days.

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