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‘Shades of Gray’ – experimental theatre on aging

“It’s not a linear play in any respect,” Sanctuary Stage’s Tinamarie Ivey explained. The company’s new play, Shades of Gray, explores what it means to physically, psychologically and socially age in America.

“U.S citizens experience aging very different than people in other countries,” Ivey continued.  “Here, we often discard [our elderly].” A lack of seniors in the arts only exerbates the problem – and has inspired Sanctuary Stage to take on the task.

Shades of Gray will not unfold in the traditional storytelling sense – instead, it appeals to the senses, Ivey said. The first week of the show will feature “talkback” moments after the play, perhaps inspiring changes between the preview and final version.

Additional audience participation takes place through Sanctuary Stage’s invitation to bring something representative of a memory. “That item will be placed on the stage so that it’s almost as if it’s part… it’s a real give-and-take,” Ivey said. The connection is meant to allow audience members to have a personal investment through this memento of themselves, “to become engaged with the surreal,” Ivey said. The play also explores the difference between reality and memory, how we superimpose what we believe occurred and create a snapshot of that moment.

Showtimes and more information here.

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