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See Ryan MacEvoy through the magic of technology

Hi All,

Ryan will be playing in Sydney this coming Thursday (Wednesday in the U.S.) and it will be live online if you care to watch. Also playing are two other Colburn students, David Fung and Chun-Chieh Yen and three other U.S. pianists, Charlie Albright, Sean Chen and Eric Zuber.  You can find the times they are playing as well at the ABC link below.
All stages of the Competition will be broadcast live on TV throughout Australia and New Zealand and worldwide on the internet by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).  To access ABC’s online streaming and watch the players, go to
The site has been known to be down for heavy useage; I do believe the performances will be archived and can be watched later (especially if it is the middle of the night for you!).
The musicians start playing in the first round  Thursday, July 17 at 9:30 a.m. Sydney time. Each player gets about 20 minutes in this round, and Ryan plays sixth, so 11 a.m. Sydney time is a safe guess for when Ryan will play.  This will be his time both Thursday and Saturday, July 19 (second round) Sydney time.
The trick is to figure out what time that is for you; I think this will be 6 p.m., Wednesday, July 16 and 6 p.m., Friday, July 18 for those in California (Pacific time) or you can check here for the right time change
Hope this helps and you get a chance to enjoy.  Should be great music for the whole event, and you can get a “front seat” for it all!

Bonnie MacEvoy

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  Imogen wrote @

As I live in Sydney, I’ve been listening to every note of the live ABC broadcast, (and I think it’s so fantastic that the whole world can access SIPCA performances through the net!) I really enjoyed Ryan’s performance on the 18th and I’m looking forward to listening to his stage two recital. I wish Ryan and all the other competitors from the US all the best!

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