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Jennifer Savage – Rockin’ the ‘bi

Sure, some people are purists, preferring the comfort of high-end headphones and studio-produced sound to the somewhat imperfect live experience, but for those of us with a hankering for the catharsis of the loud and live music experience, Ian Hiler has a full week of therapy lined up at the Alibi.

Wednesday, Helm’s Alee arrives from Seattle like a not altogether unpleasant punch in the face, playing with Portland’s Black Elk, whose heavy riffs should please fans of The Melvins, among others.

Then Friday, if you’re not already hot-and-bothered, the combination of The Dt’s and The Ravens (glad to hear Matt’s over his vertigo!) is sure to spark that special feeling.

Sadly, Saturday will not bring The Anxieties. According to their MySpace blog: “45 minutes out of Portland on the way to our first show in Sacramento today we broke down and had to get towed back in to town.” (Mood: pissed off.)

But fear not, the one-man surf punk garage sounds of Mosquito Bandito will still grace the Alibi, as will Chico’s The Shankers. Mike Donohoe of The Ravens describes The Shankers as “primitive rockabilly slathered with Hasil Atkins BBQ sauce with a side of Gories slaw” and says he loves them, too.


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