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Two views on The Braille Tapes

From Daniel LewisRock and a Hard Place:

“The music really wasn’t my speed. It was very organized and arranged well. It was definitely a pleasure to see and hear the double percussion. The Braille Tapes have done a lot of practicing. Again, it was very organized and arranged well. I must admit also, that even though it wasn’t my preferred genre, it is always a pleasure seeing people doing what they love. There wasn’t a very large crowd there but the people who were there seemed to be enjoying it and the band was obviously enjoying themselves, so how can that be anything but a good time?”

From Josh Duke’s Bonus Tracks:

“Armed with two guitarists, a drummer and another guy that can’t decide if he’s a drummer or another guitarist, The Braille Tapes have shown us all that all you need to be “progressive” is to play at an ungodly volume and keep a non-traditional arrangement of instruments that somehow doesn’t really sound all that different from somebody using the usual guitar/bass/drums format. Perhaps one day they’ll learn that less is more and leave that extra drum kit (and maybe the extra member) at home.”


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