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Daniel Lewis: Rock and a Hard Place

I ran into an old friend on Sunday. He smelled like oysters and Hallmark Father’s Day cards.“Hey man, what’d you do on Saturday?” he asked.

“Caught a killer show at Toby and Jack’s.” I replied.

“Toby and Jack’s is a venue?”

“Yeah man, and a nice one at that. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Even though the stage area was a little cramped it really made for some great energy…and a lot of spilled drinks.”

“Well who’d you see?”

“33 and a third and Wepeel.”

“Isn’t Wepeel a Weezer cover band?”

“Why yes they are as a matter of fact.”

“So how was it? “

“It was awesome my friend, you should have been there, but since you weren’t, I will now sing you a song about it. A song that I carved into the concrete with a shard of fallen star that I found in a magical forest behind the Jacoby Building.”

At this point I pulled from my pocket a trusty gadget I like to call “The Flute”. It’s a new invention I am trying to get patented for sell on e bay. And with my “flute” I played my song which goes as follows:
“What’s with these dready’s dissin’ my rock? Why do they gotta front? What did metal ever do to these guys to make them so violent? Woo Hoo-And you know I’m yours. Whoo Hoo-And I know your mine. Woo Hoo-that’s a rockin’ time. OOO EEEEE OOO I look nothing like Obama, Oh Oh I’m in love with Tipper Gore. I know this song doesn’t make much sense anyways. I don’t care about that.”

During the bridge I take a moment to display my magnificent break dancing skills and then on to the second verse:

“Don’t you ever fear, C.J.’s got a beard. Steve will cut off your hair. Don’t get it twisted Graham is the shizznit. Travis will rock you dead.”

And then from there you can pretty much guess how the rest of the song went. Truthfully though, and without any further rhetoric babble, I did thoroughly enjoy the space and atmosphere of Toby and Jack’s and hope that we can expect more shows from them in the future. And as far as Wepeel is concerned and 33 and a third for that matter, it’s almost not right to brag and tell anyone what an experience it is to see them. I definitely recommend it for the good time seeker. Those of you who prefer to take it all in lightly, enjoy sing alongs and fraternizing with complete strangers to the chorus of “Say It Ain’t So” this is definitely a must have.

There is really a lot to say about the power of a band’s personality. And that’s not just saying, “Well, those are some good guys and we should support our friends.” That works occasionally, but it tends to seem more like a favor.

For me, the greatest thing about both 33 and a third and Wepeel is that the individuals playing the music are sincere about having a great time. There’s no weird attitude or faux modesty, it’s all just out there for the taking.

Maybe it is a bit pretentious to state that life and people in general should take note on such attitudes. That we could all some how meet, stripped of egos and awkward hang ups, and say to one another, “Do you know the words to ‘Jaime’? If not I would appreciate teaching them to you in sign language.”


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