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Wow, do we get some bad press releases. We’re talking serious fodder for compulsive proofreaders. Or anyone with a grasp of the English language.

If this weren’t such a small town, I’d post the most recent example.

Instead, please enjoy one of the Eye’s favorite sites.



  Terrence McNally wrote @

Are you referring to the letter where Sara Sunstein demanded you apologize to Bryan Plumley and Paul Pitino because you failed to included the word “candidate” before Third District Supervisor Candidate Mark Lovelace and she had a typo in her letter and then there was the Lao Tzu quote at the bottom about being all taoist and mellow and stuff and being flexible to the universe?
And then she said she was just joking but it was hard to see how but maybe she was we just don’t really know.
Is that the reference?
Because that was awesome.

  Terrence McNally wrote @

Or was it that press release from Lost Coast Communications that made absolutely no sense about deciding the greatest guitarist in the world on the heels of the press release imploring listeners to celebrate Earth Day at frickin’ Burger King?
That one?

  daniel wrote @

Burger King? Really? After they tricked all those innocent people into believing that they stopped serving Whoppers? I don’t see how anyone can stand for that.

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