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Jennifer Savage: The Beat Nun – April 29, 2008

The Beat Nun
Last week, we highlighted Maddy Shernock, The Beat Nun. She’s been playing music her whole life – dad’s in Play Dead and introduced her to the Kodály Method, plus she’s been part of Redwood Children’s Chorus since she was two. Now 18, Maddy ended up with the Beat Nun moniker thanks to a friend who argued Beat poetry facts with her. Maddy insists her live shows (next one, Saturday at Muddy’s) are better than her recorded music (of which she has a great deal), but even her MySpace site overflows with lovely melodies, sparsely constructed, but layered to create a compelling complexity some compare – reasonably – to Coco Rosie.

“I can’t describe it,” Maddy said. “You just have to listen.”

Listen now.

The Beat Nun_Wouldn’t It Be Nice

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