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Mike Conway checks in

Hello, Everyone!
Please visit We are using this opportunity to raise money for the American Cancer Society by participating in Humboldt County’s Relay for Life event in July. Through our efforts to raise awareness about the environment, we also want to highlight how human activities not only impact the environment, but have also been shown to impact our health. In part, our efforts are to raise money in honor of Mike’s dad who passed away last year from cancer.
Thank you,
Scott and Mike

Mike Conway formerly lived in Arcata and spent many days and nights providing gorgeous original acoustic music to appreciative audiences through Humboldt County. He has since moved to Santa Barbara, but continues to visit. You can visit him via – JS/Eye Scene Ed.



  Melody Stone wrote @

The guys from Strix Vega, and I were just talking about Mike. The Collars were the first band I ever profiled. Years ago.

  Ekovox wrote @

Mike and Scott,
Thanks for participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Your fundraising efforts are to be applauded.

Ross Rowley

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