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Prospective local band names

Voting, cranky comments welcomed:
Juggernaut – Daddy’s Hands – ManCandy – The Oops – Awesome, the band – Lordy – Immigrunt – Boomerang – Boss – Rock Bottom – Gimmick – Codpiece – Steamhauler – Business Time – BohnBohn Shakes – Precious – Umlat – The Device – The Beatles – BOYS OF BRAVERY – LADS OF LAMENT – KNUCKLES OF CONFUSION – AMERICAN DUST – PIGEONS OF PAIN – LORDS OF LUST – BREAKDOWN BROS. Burl Bros.


  Jack Durham wrote @

Rabid Dominance?

  Ekovox wrote @

“Crotch Thruster” “Dickweed”
“40 Oz. MIddle Schoolers” “Death By Banjo” “Old-Timey Hiney” “Yo, Bro” “Don Kolshinski’s Police Scanner” “Monica’s Politician Boyfriend” “Waves Not Grades”

  arcataeyescene wrote @

Challice – Majesty – Helmsdeep – Softail – Chaps

  Jennifer Savage wrote @

Daddy’s Hands – dumb

ManCandy – hot. I would wear a ManCandy T-shirt.

The Oops – only if you’re going lo-fi indie

Awesome, the band – no

Lordy – only if you’re doing Southern Rock

Immigrunt – only if you’re flying the Mexican heritage flag

Boomerang – sounds like a great gay bar I used to live near

Boss – only if you’re a Springstreen cover band

Rock Bottom – good. You could sell Rock Bottom panties a la The Hitch.

Gimmick – no.

Codpiece – what are you, opening for Gay Bikers on Acid?

Steamhauler – solid rock name. I like.

Business Time – Too Flight of the Conchords.

BohnBohn Shakes – Very cute.

Precious – dumb.

Umlat – too cheesy.

The Device – no.

The Beatles – wow, did you think of that joke yourself?

BOYS OF BRAVERY – too reminiscent of the band The Bravery.

LADS OF LAMENT – you guys are kinda old to go by “lads.”

KNUCKLES OF CONFUSION – hahaha. That’s funny.

AMERICAN DUST – only if you’re doing

PIGEONS OF PAIN – that won’t stay funny after you’ve introduced yourselves a couple of times.

LORDS OF LUST – oh, please. Gimme some wine if you’re gonna spread the cheese.

BREAKDOWN BROS. — only if you’re really going to break. Down.

  Jennifer Savage wrote @

Crotch Thruster rather sums it up.

Challice – yawn.

Majesty – snooze.

Helmsdeep – no.

Softail – Chaps – why do you keep coming up with these homoerotic band names, hmmm?

  Terrence McNally wrote @

Excellent – now we’ve heard from the Jack Johnson fan perspective. Duly noted!

  Jack Durham wrote @

I take it the Crotch Thrusters would all wear red leather codpieces. Naturally, they would ask the audience repeatedly “Are you ready to rock?”

  arcataeyescene wrote @

To wit:

Tho’ not sure what a “working codpiece” entails. What happens when it stops working?
Are there more reliable versions that take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’?

  Daniel Lewis wrote @

The Electrosexuals

  Daniel Lewis wrote @

The Electrosexual Ensemble

  Daniel Lewis wrote @

Mighty McMustach and the Beard!

  Daniel Lewis wrote @

Filthy McMustach and the Facilitators of Utter Chaos…ok I’m done

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