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For those prepared to find a TV listing


The new Eureka Reporter “E” publication is out – television listings with some local entertainment listings wrapped around… and it’s not that bad. The layout is solid is and they’ve got some nifty, funky fonts. Sure the AC/DC paraphrase front page headline is a little off (“For those prepared to rock” is Lumberjack writer Melody Stone‘s column. She’s now the new Wendy Butler at ER, apparently) – it’s difficult to imagine Brian Johnson mustering a gutteral “prepared” screech, certainly not “Please, if I may be so bold, allow me to put my love within you.” And then there’s the matter of the referenced Ian Fays cover shot – who by their own admission, do not so much rock. Nice picture, though. Real nice picture. You can count on ER to put up a good picture.


  Melody Stone wrote @

Well, initially it was a reference to the Presidents of the United States song “Hello Ladies and Gentlemen” it wasn’t until after the fact that I thought about the ACDC line.

The column is also just highlighting music scene happenings with a tiny bit of commentary. I do realize The Ian Fays don’t rock, but that’s the name of my column and that’s what I’m sticking to.
“For those Prepared to do a little emo shake” really didn’t have a very powerful feel to it.
Thanks for reading.
I really appreciate the mention.

  arcataeyescene wrote @

Isn’t the PoUSA line “Are you prepared to rock?”
The AC/DC song is “For Those about to Rock”

That’s a funny song, anyway. Both of them.

Frankly, my musical development idles until Chinese Democracy streets, so you might as well have been quoting these new bands like Maria Manson or Licoln’s Park.

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