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No Leap Day with The Blakes

Sadly, The Blakes are off to London at the end of February and had to cancel their Jambalaya gig.

But, in consolation, drummer Bob Husak promises, “We’re going to reschedule Arcata though, so don’t worry.”


  Terrence McNally wrote @

Who cares? That’s a chick band. You might as well cry over Video Experience being out of The Truth about Cats and Dogs.

  Jennifer Savage wrote @

Shut up, McNally! You’re just jealous ’cause SWoD only plays once a year – to aging, hairy Priest fans!

How’s Bosserang coming along, anyway? Or is that a secret?

  Terrence McNally wrote @

We’re still trying to fit into our too-small leather jackets and ironic facial hair.

  Jennifer Savage wrote @

Mmmmmm… leather jackets and facial hair… makes me think of this really sexy rock’n’roll band whose music I love

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