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Daniel Lewis on Dagger of the Mind

Twas a tale of the most noble of rockingness at the tavern of Ye Olde Alibi last Saturday whence came from yonder land of Portland a quartet of merry fellows who did bringeth the rock.
Dagger of the Mind! Yea, I doth saith Dagger of the Mind! A rose by any other name could not smell as sweet. Oh, how doth I love them. Let me count the ways.
1. Showmanship. Whatever these guys lacked musically they definitely made up for in bravado. Throughout their entire set they not only interacted , but engaged their audience with extremely entertaining theatrics and a wonderful sense of humor. Showmanship is what seperates the men from the boys in a live performance. Doubly so when done in a dress or tunic.

2. Creativity. So 4 guys are sitting around playing D & D and listening to Judas Priest when one says to the other, Hey! Let s start a Shakespearean Epic metal band!‘sIt doesn t sound like such a winner at that point. As a matter of fact it sounds like a number of drunken proposals I, and probably you too, have made at the peek of a staggering huddle with an old high school chum. What makes such ridiculous ideas, and the reason why I m not in an awesome Shakespearean Epic metal band, come to life is the imagination and creativity it takes to make such an idea relevant and cohesive. One of the most mind blowing attributes of this band is is that they honestly wrote a metal song from Hamlet! Think about that for a second.

3. Quirk. The general quirkiness of this band pays off big. Quirk is that anomaly found in both the best and worst of conceptually formulated music. The concept here , obviously being Shakespeare and the Elizabethan dialogue and dress, gives this bands already ludicrously original style the edge it needs to truly work.

Should these gentlemen evergrace our fair city again I wilst thank the Heavens. And to thee who wouldst be nay sayers, saith thee Nay and I curse thee with boils on thy prostate and splinters through thy nipples!

Hark! What else dosth mine ears did entertain, though lo I didst woe to think there would be no more rock! The sounds of 33 1/3 who did in fact have metal Heavy and loud to allocate amongst the taverns hordes unsparingly.

I’ve been wanting to catch this band for awhile. Instru-metal is a new favorable commodity in my CD collection, and I’ve been excited to hear what the home team had to offer. I was nervous about how they would fair after the pillaging from Dagger of the Mind, but I am happy to report to you today that without a second’s hesitation the band took hold of the nights reins and steered us through the rest of the evening with a very heavy and hard hitting set that complimented the first act and was, for me, the polish that made the evening shine.

Daniel Lewis edits and distributes The Plague zine around Arcata. Check it out, rock-lovers.


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