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Rock op #2

Humboldt Free Radio presents:
ex-AMB, -The Hitch, -Nuisance
(Eureka power metal)
ex-Que La Chinga, -Turbo 400
Side Iron
(honky tonk ‘n’ roll)

@The Alibi
Saturday, January 26
21+ / 10:30pm doors / 11:15pm music / $5 cover


  Ekovox wrote @

Frinckin’ A….are you serious? A post-Hitch, p-ost- Que La Chinga, post- Turbo 400 show at the Alibi on the same night as the Delta Nationals CD Release party at the Arcata Community Center….

Christ, we’re Fu*ked.

But, I bet they ain’t got a potluck dinner at their gig. And I bet we’re in bed before they even unpack their gear from the truck.

Message to Machete and Side Iron:

Don’t show up at the parking lot of Toni’s after the show if you don’t want your ass whupped!

Buy us a triple bacon cheeseburger, tater gems and a peanut butter shake and we may just let you walk away…….

  Ekovox wrote @

Oh, damn…our gig is the next week. Oops, sorry boys. Just got caught up in the moment.

  Jennifer Savage wrote @

You had me worried that I’d missed getting your show in! But I knew that couldn’t be the case.

Y’all could take on the rocker boys. You’re scrappy and tough as nails, I bet.

  Ekovox wrote @

Yep, that’s us, scrappy and tough as nails.

They wouldn’t dare play a gig on our side of town. (Unless, of course, they were Elks Lodge members)

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