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Terrence McNally: Starving Weirdos

Good luck categorizing them. Better just to witness them yourself and make up your own mind. Arcata’s Starving Weirdos doesn’t just describe one-third of the town’s population, it’s the name of the band generally sequestered to house party performances and impromptu, super double-secret shows.

And yet they’re somewhat huge outside the area, sparking the interest of WIRE Magazine in September. Next Monday, the band comes out of its shell for a performance at the Jambalaya. Show starts at 9 p.m., $5 and will feature David Daniell.

“His music is very refined,” promises S.W.’s Merrick. “His latest album is on Table of Elements, a really selective avant/new music label out of Athens… Also on the bill is SAHAJA, Michael Fles’ project. He seems like the real deal, telling me stories about recording studios in Mexican caves and booking Woodstock and shit. He takes his ‘spontaneous’ work very seriously and has put in a lot of thought concerning his approach – a blast to chat with.”

This Weirdos show is recommended since renowned Arcata photographers Dan and Dana Smith totally dig them a whole bunch.

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