Arcata Eye Scene

A-town art, music, theatre. Mostly music. Updated Wednesdays.

A-town supergroups

Sometimes, people who should have something better to do, don’t.

Dragged By Absynth
Machete McClintock
The Common Huckleberry
Eileen Hemphill Hitch
Que la Kulica
The D.T. Nationals
Entheojen-ifer Breeze
Jimi Jeff and the Locust Furnace
Steel Toed Zygoats
Sad Wings of Dynamite Sweater
Yer Dogbone
Thee Eureka Garbage Good Company
The Bucky Widdershins
Scatter the Mudd Puddle
Compost Mountain Monster Women
Yer Barking Dogma

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  Mike D wrote @

Let’s not forget the band that wasn’t and could never be, the Clay vs. Lila Rubbernelsons.

It could never happen.

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