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Oh, to hold the hard copy in your hands

If you were to pick up an Eye – or even better, subscribe – here’s what you’d get in this week’s Scene section:


HOUSE CALL (TMc)We figured that over 300 people would turn out just to support the financially strapped but well-deserving Arcata House on a Saturday night (putting families into housing  – who could be more worthy of love?)…

WILD MEN Don’t miss Monotonix

SENSELESS MAYHEM Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Local group of ragamuffins puts on strange play for no good reason!…


SNARK HUNTING In The Hunting of the Snark, eight odd but endearing characters are in pursuit of a mysterious and possibly dangerous creature that none of them have ever seen…


PAGAN CHRISTMAS (TMc) Christmas definitely came earlier than most TV holiday commercials when Portuguese Hall became ground zero for Pagan Christmas…

SELF-REFERENCE WITH JENNIFER Imagine this: you’re there in your new house, mentally arranging the living room, when the moving van arrives…

PELLET GOBBLING WITH JOSH I have this theory that if I ever get suckered into having children, I just know that the karmic powers that be will have their revenge on me by having my children grow up to be the spiteful, resentful antithesis to your favorite local music journalist…

The satisfaction of knowledge and thrill of enlightenment await.

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