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Matt Jackson wants you to go to this show

You may be asking yourself, “Why am I reading about an upcoming Eureka show in the Arcata Eye?” Not that you don’t already have enough on your plates, what with the Alibi and Jambalaya continually slinging great concerts at its patrons and The Green House bringing back the magic of house shows. But one can’t deny hearing the whispered glee at the return of The Vista from the mouths of show goers all over Humboldt. In its brief span back in action the venue has already slated shows with acts like Panthers, Pleaseeasaur, Jay Reatard and there are even rumors of an Anticon Records showcase in early 2008. With that in mind, here’s a heads up on another great show coming soon.

Thursday, Nov. 1 garage rocker, blues musician and singer songranter Dan Melchior will be appearing in Eureka with his band Das Menace. Originally from Shepperton, England, Melchior was first recognized for his collaboration in 1997 with Holly Golightly and for releasing an album alongside British music legend Billy Childish only a year later. These first two releases show Melchior’s style of music growing and encompassing both back porch Americana and fuzzed out blues rock. Later, backed by his band The Broke Revue, Melchior recorded albums for In the Red Records as well as Sympathy for the Record Industry while opening for acts like The White Stripes, Mudhoney and Interpol.

After The Broke Revue split up in 2004, Melchior began putting out solo albums, using guitars, drums, keyboards and saxophone to blend elements of R&B and garage rock while placing his dark and witty lyrical style further into the foreground. His last solo release, Fire Breathing Clones on Cellular Phones showcased this with songs like “This is The Big One,” (“Give the kids lemonade/And a few hand grenades/The Meek shall inherit the earth by Friday”). Now a resident of Durham, N.C., he’s been recording and playing alongside a whole new cast of characters under the moniker Dan Melchior & Das Menace. With their garage folk sound, they’ve already released two singles and an EP for Daggerman Records. Their next release, Christmas for Crows, will be released some time in 2008. Preview songs like “In A Daze,” (“I’m a man with a streak of self loathing/I want to step out of it like dirty clothing”) at their music at their Myspace page (

Opening for Das Menace will be Arcata’s thelittlestillnotbigenough, whose expanding list of members may soon require them to bring an extra stage along with their equipment. You can preview some of their “lyrically dynamic” music (to quote a recent local reviewer), at The evening’s festivities will start at around 9 p.m. at 91 Commercial St. in Eureka and cost you a measly $5. Shows at The Vista are open to all ages but remember they serve beer and wine to those over 21. You can even eat some fish & chips while you watch the bands play. I know I will.

Matt Jackson really wished the Ravens would’ve played this show, but Mike D’s Thursday Night Cucumber Facial got in the way.


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  Terrence McNally wrote @

Mike’ Ds commitment – did involve a cucumber, but it wasn’t a facial.

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