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Josh Duke: Bonus Tracks – Aug. 14, 2007

I dunno who thought of this idea, but whoever thought it was OK to start a show an hour and a half after they advertised it has no idea how valuable my time is. I scoured this evening, looking for a worthwhile show to see, and all I could find was the Republican Duck Hunters, having some kinda CD release show at Six Rivers Brewery. The show was flyered to have begun at 9 p.m., and yet we end up yet again with the show starting over an hour past schedule. I guess when they assume that their friends and family are going to be the only audience available, the evening’s never too old to embark. Too bad for them, as I believe the only people to show up besides myself and my sober driver Matt were the contents of their own guest list.
The first act of the evening was a nice mixup and perhaps our most talented performance. Anchorite & Mystic (which sounds like a name made up by somebody that plays too much World of Warcraft) opened up the evening with their own “acoustic murder ballad” genre that reminded me of nothing more than a darker, more morbid side of a Tenacious D cover band.

Armed with two steel strings and a lazy mandolin, they trudged their way through a series of laborious and ill-gotten goth ditties that made me reminisce to the days when my parents threw away my Nine Inch Nails CDs after a routine, yet thorough, search of my domicile. But they knew their chops, and I had to respect them for that. They chose to end their show with a Modest Mouse cover that summed them up inexplicably while cementing the feeling that you’ll never, ever need to see them more than once. I would yearn for them to gain some sense of “getting over themselves,” but I had yet to prepare myself for the further “musical” performances the evening had in store for me.

Up next was Mr. P. Chill, who nearly prompted me to write Warner Bros that they had now found the star to the straight to video sequel of Malibu’s Most Wanted. While Sacramento, his hometown, can be a real dungeon of an abode, I had yet to see why it was quite so bad and torturous through the scenarios that he laid before us all. His incessant prattling about the hardships of lower-middle class life did not do much to establish any sort of street cred, even when his discman kept skipping. Either way, I was horribly unmoved and I couldn’t wait for the performance to end. My wish was granted after his CD player finally quit on him; apparently it was more tired of his rhymes than we were.

But by the time it did, I still held out for some kind of salvation to save this evening. The Republican Duck Hunters emerged, determined to rap the socks off all eight of us that were there. Instead all I heard was one clearly audible shorter guy in a black T-shirt, and one other bigger guy in a necktie that was much, much too loud. Perhaps if he weren’t spending so much time looking cool by practically shoving the mic down his throat we’d be to understand what he was going on about, instead of something reminiscent of the sound of farting through a wet paper bag.

All I could hope for was the that a sound engineer would emerge to resolve such an imbalance. Alas, nonesuch came. I’m not sure what the deal is. Maybe I’m a fuddy-duddy when it comes to reviewing hip-hop. I have to say this is the third show I’ve gone to where it hasn’t stared on time as advertised. There’s such a thing as fashionably late, but then again there’s obnoxiously tardy. Opinions are sullied by the trying of patience, and when you haven’t much to offer to begin with….well, it’s definitely an exercise in fortitude.

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