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Hot August night

Meanwhile, while you were at home writing your shopping list for Hot Topic rock’n’roll outfit purchases, adding friends on MySpace or writing your music blog, that unholy alliance of drum, guitar and screams was exploding in front of a crowd of perhaps 10 at the Alibi Saturday night. This was the single-most important thing happening in A-town. More important than the keggers frothing in student ghetto backyards and the “how was your summer, brah?” fist bumps. Trigger Renegade busted out the best version of “Victim of Changes” heard in a week and sliced the night open with searing dual Flying V’s. Jessie Deluxe left boot-print burn marks in the floor. TR is wandering the West Coast homeless on a steady diet of beef jerky and leaving a trail of slayed audience members.



  Jessie D wrote @

Thanx soooo much for the awesome pics! I will put them up on our site : ) Sorry if I stepped on you??!?!?!?!?!?!!? SHIT I think I did on the first song…didn’t know you were behind me. N E WAYZZZ ROCK ON!
Jessie D

  Terrence McNally wrote @

You did step on me – you stepped on my eardrums and I haven’t washed them since.

  Jessie D wrote @

AWESOME : )!!!!!!!

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